New hires during inflation
This is the highest inflation increase in years. Yet we are also experiencing the low levels of unemployment at 3.5 percent. How is this possible? Companies are maintaining the current salary of long standing employment and setting aside funds to increase the salaries of new hires to an average of 30%. The raise in pay also reflects the need to match the cost of living. With the incentive of a pay raise in some ways it is better to be a new hire than an existing employee.

Getting signed on as a new hire
With the incentive to start a new job to receive the higher pay position it is best to get an advantage. Candidates for new positions are sometimes selected by executive search companies. They help candidates to be placed within the highest paying jobs and in most cases permanent employment.

How to be selected by an executive search company
There are several methods to attract an executive search company. It may be in your best interests to utilize as many of these techniques as possible to maximize its effectiveness.

1. Get a professionally made website.
A well rounded professionally made website is a great way to go above and beyond a standard resume. A website allows you to showcase all of your achievements, skills, and experience level. It establishes a professional portfolio. This adds dimension to your resume. In addition you can write a blog on your website about any topic that pertains to your industry. A blog will demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.

2. Industry events and conventions
Attending events within your industry is an important method in networking. You can meet others in your field as well and those in the senior level. It is possible to also meet those with true leadership roles in an executive search company. This may increase your chances of becoming one of their new candidates. If you made a website showing your value as a potential new hire, have the website on a business card. You want to make it a easy process for others to discover you.

3. LinkedIn
LinkedIn is the most popular social media networking platform for business. In order to engage others on the platform join professional groups. It is a time efficient way to find those individuals who are in your field. This helps your name to circulate. Another tool at your disposal on LinkedIn is to update your profile with newly acquired skills. In addition to experience you can stay competitive in the workforce when showing you have the latest skills.

4. Email a executive search company
It’s always worth your time and focus to write directly to an executive search company. It’s best to be clear and concise with the subject line of the email. You want to let them know what experience you have but it will also serve you to express what your career goals are. Presenting a career path is an essential part of lifting you above the ground. It may illustrate what makes you unique. Utilizing all of these techniques will grant you success in achieving your goals.