The change in the calendar year is the right time to have a peep over the new recruitment and staffing trends that could change the landscape of staffing industry. It is expected that the year-2015 will witness major changes in the staffing industry with the changing mindset of potential candidates. Companies out there are hungry for quality talent and these companies are willing to hire contract and temp workers for their deadline projects usually for less than a year through contract staffing firms. The American workers are more mobile and more connected than ever and therefore physical presence of them in the office premises is becoming less and less compulsory for many companies.

The other important trends that can impact the recruitment/staffing industry are discussed in brief for the sake of staffing agencies who would like to get enlightened.

Shift in power to the candidate – Recent trends in staffing industry do indicate that recruiters do believe that the employment market has shifted away from the employers or organizations towards the candidate. In a candidate driven market place, the active recruiting approaches does not work. With the top candidates on the driving seat with the best multiple options the staffing industry must dramatically increase its hiring speed, offer a great candidate experience and need to shift emphasis away from assessment and towards excellence in selling candidates.
Innovate HR software is expected to change the face of recruitment – With the technological advances there are numerous online tools offering effective solutions to organizations seeking to upgrade their recruiting. In the coming years, the improved HR technologies would further evolve and the staffing industry worth more than $416 million globally is expected to invest more in HR technologies for better solutions. The concept of crowd sourced recruiting in which companies will utilize the power of network of experts offering the right talents to the clients would gain momentum.

The emergence of mobile platform – With the growing presence of mobile and smart phones it is estimated that about 83% of job seekers are using their mobile/smart phones to search for job openings. However, only 20% of Fortune 500 companies have mobile friendly career sites but this trend is going to change with the best firms realizing that the mobile platform would dominate every area of recruiting due to its versatility and incredibly high response rate. In the coming years, mobile platform will emerge as the primary mechanism for communicating with the candidates and staffing agencies, spreading corporate brand messages, to view recruiting and job description videos and to push relevant open job positions to applicants.

These are some of the important trends that are expected to shape up the staffing industry in 2015 and beyond.