This was a unique experience. Tanya is such an amazing person. Since day one, I knew she was going to be great. She made the entire process super easy, and very fast. Her instincts are on point and she knows exactly what to do. I can truly say she made me feel that I was a priority and wanted the best for me. Thank you Tanya!

I must say that Karen Sable is a God sent person in my life. She is very professional and caring in every aspect of of job. I really am so appreciative and grateful to her for never giving up and cheering me on and having the patience to push on for me. Words aren’t enough to say that she’s great at what she does for her clients and she can be scored as 100% for the job that she does. Thank you so much Karen and God Bless you!!!!!

Working with Karen Sable as my recruiter was on of the best experiences I have ever had. Karen got to know me and my current situation, took my experiences and really got to know me as a person to find the right fit. She was always available to answer any of my questions and provided the professionalism along the way making sure I was always in the loop on the hiring process. Without Karen, I would have not found the perfect fit for me both professionally and personally.

I highly recommend Tanya Thomas for her exceptional patience, expertise, and dedication. Her in-depth understanding of the industry coupled with her personalized approach made the job search process smooth and effective. She took the time to thoroughly assess my experience and ensured that each opportunity was the right fit. Her consistent follow-ups and valuable advice on interview preparation were invaluable assets in securing the right role.

I highly recommend Tanya Thomas and Talent Logic!
Tanya took her time to get an understanding of who I was so that she could place me with the right company. She has excellent followup skills and doesn’t drag her feet on anything. She was willing and able to answer questions I had about the employer and if she didn’t know the answer to a question she searched for the answer. She was very familiar with the employer and new their habits and could therefore provide me with great advice on how to prepare for my interview and what to do while going through the screening process. She didn’t just help me get hired and leave me. She stayed with me throughout the process and provided great support. She is very genuine and cares about people.
She is very professional and business minded. Her advice is A1. She valued me as a person, recognized my skill level and advocated for me. She was not pushy and she guided me through the process but allowed me to make the best decisions for myself. Needless to say, I got the job and the company is absolutely awesome!!!
Tanya is who you need in your job hunt or employee search. Trust her. You won’t regret it!

I loved working with Karen Sable. She got me interviews very quickly, and has been one of the kindest and most caring recruiters I have worked with. I would definitely recommend working with her to others. I really appreciate all of the hard work and effort she put in to help me. Thank you Karen!

Dave, I wanted to tell you that you are the best.
You found me a home here at Amphenol APC.
These people are great, they are patient fun to be around.
Also,  the kind of work I am doing here is really cool and very interesting.
You must have a sixth sense about what you do because I would have never thought that my skills and knowledge was this transferable to the PCB industry.
Thank so much for choosing to work with me.

I would like to thank Karen Sable and Vamsi Reddy at Talent Logic for all the guidance received during the recruitment process that I just went through!
I appreciate all the professionalism and the personal touch received at every step of the process. Thank you!

I was recently contacted by Karen Sable of Talent Logic for a position locally. Let me just say Karen was the ultimate professional in the way she conducts business and was thoroughly helpful during my interview and negotiation period, until I secured my new position. She has my endorsement and recommendation.

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your exceptional efforts in finding me the perfect job opportunity. Your dedication and professionalism throughout the entire recruitment process have been truly commendable.

Tyler Wells professionalism and thoroughness has been an exceptional contribution to my career search. He continues to follow through and consistently communicates progress along this path. Very refreshing compared to other agencies

Thank you for all of your diligent follow up during this process. You have been very conscientious in your attention to detail and follow through.

This is a major milestone in my career.

Out of the “clear blue” I was presented a potential job opportunity by a person named Gary Stars. I “reply-ed” to Gary with a copy and went on with my day. Within 24 hours I was scheduled to interview directly with a world-class firm trying to keep pace with the growing economic development that has Dallas-Ft Worth poised to dominate America’s heartland. The timeframe from initial contact to a start date took less than three weeks. In the very complex supply and demand needs of today’s high end job market, it’s obvious to me Talent Logic has their finger on the pulse.

I would like to thank John Duke and Karen Sable. Karen went above and beyond to find the perfect compan for me. Her skills and experience made me feel like family. I couldn’t ask for a better experience and extremely professional staff. I would recommend Karen to everyone I know thank you Talent Logic for letting Karen take the lead in the next chapter in my life. If you are looking for a smooth transaction to a new career Karen will make it happen. Thank you Karen for all your help.

Tanya ran two amazingly targeted key manager positions for us finding awesome candidates in our space and within our range, in one case in a matter of hours, in the other in a matter of days. Both results were exactly what we were hoping for. Cant say enough good things about Tanya and her team.

I want to thank Andy for the tremendous help in finding a job that fits my goals.

The information provided during the recruitment process was on point. Regarding the job description and requirements of the job.
There was a miss information regarding the location of the corporate office, but it was not a big issue.
The was a preparation phone call provided by Takent logic that was insightful and help full, but the gentleman that call was not aware that I was on the second round of the interview and was giving me pointers on how to conduct the 1st interview.
During my process I always felt that you and the rest of the team at TaleLogic where on my corner and looking at my best interests.

Talent Logic has great people, product, and service from the first to the end of interview process. Gary Starks is a great example of the professionalism that he exemplifies for Talent Logic. Gary is informative and responsive on any questions that might come up. Being transparent, honest, fair, and accountable is what makes him stand out for Talent Logic. Always look forward to doing future business with Talent Logic in the placement or hiring field.

I am grateful to have made this career move and looking forward to growth and development currently being offered to me. All this was possible because of Tanya Thomas at Talent Logic who worked diligently to place me at this position. I will always be eternally grateful to her, she worked through everything calmly dealing and resolving every matter, while constantly communicating with me. She is the BEST!!

Tanya was amazing in helping me land my next step up in my career. As a recruiter myself, I have high expectations when interacting with another recruiter- Tanya surpassed them. She is an excellent communicator and gives direct feedback quickly as possible. I loved working with her!

To Andy and Tanya,
Thank you for your assistance in this matter. You both have provided a great experience during the hiring process. It has been a wonderful experience. Thank you again

Thanks Talent Logic, especially to Rafael for his excellent job in finding me this job. Hats off to Rafael Garcia, dedicated and awesome recruiter.

Guys- I enjoyed working with you on the Geokinetics position and even though I wasn’t sure it would be a good fit, it looks good so far. Andy and Ian were good with keeping up the conversation and helped tie things down at the end. Thanks for all your help along the way.

My experience with Talent Logic was very positive. Not only did Gary provide qualified candidates he was proactive in follow up.We look forward to working this Talent Logic in the future.

Ian Shaw was excellent to work with. Detail oriented, met our request for candidates promptly and had was provided reliable communication. Would recommend their service for finding skilled labor promptly and efficiently.

Hi Jack, I just wanted to let you know that it’s been great working with Talent Logic.
You guys are the best! Keep up the great work!
Thank you so much for a job well done.

I have worked with a number of recruiters over the years, and Tanya is by far the best I have encountered. She listened to what I needed, understood, and was able to deliver several resumes of qualified candidates. Her continued persistence helped me focus on evaluating resumes and conducting interviews. It was easy to be honest with her, and she provided accurate feedback from the candidates. If other managers have positions that are hard to fill, I recommend using Tanya’s services.

I would like to thank Talent Logic for this great opportunity to work with GSK. I’ve worked for several big Pharma companies & I have to say by far GSK has not only been the best Pharma but the best company as a whole that I’ve ever worked for. They treat contractors like employee’s you are rarely left out of the perks & options that’s allotted to their employee’s. Did I mention I drive 3 hours a day for work & I’m still exited. During COVID19 they have also allowed us to all work from home.. Thank you for this wonderful experience!!!!

Kelsey, Thank you so much for all your effort and hard work in getting me placed in a Buyer position here in the DFW area! My gratitude is overflowing! You were a pleasure to work with and I love your exuberant personality! Thanks again!!!

Thank you so much for getting me this opportunity at LEE & RO. Want to especially thank Edward Brown and his supervisor Ian who remained continuously committed and engaged to convince me to make this career move.
Good job and wish you all the best

Tanya, Director Talent Acquisition at Talent Logic, has been a joy to work with. She is professional, has exceeded my expectations with qualified candidates and has a knack for finding the right candidates that will fit with our culture and are in align with our values and mission. She offers excellent customer service and knowledge

We have used Talent Logic here for quite a while, and have been very pleased with the candidates they have sent to us; their responsiveness and professionalism, and their personal care about our future employees, and us as a Company. I highly recommend Tanya Thomas for all your hiring needs, and look forward to a long and fruitful working relationship with her!

I have dealt with TalentLogic in the past as well as currently, and am very happy with how professional they are, what good communication we have, and the candidates they have presented. Jeff Thompson and Tanya Thomas have both been just great to work with; both are very responsive and great to work with. I appreciate all they do for us, and look forward to a continued working relationship!

Tanya Thomas from Talent Logic has been instrumental in finding me 2 consultants. She has found me another strong candidate today that I will need to hire. I have found Tanya to be transparent, direct and ethical. She has advised and given me her professional advice which is very sound. She is an incredibly focused person and keeps me on track with all Talent Logic’s candidates.I have worked with other staffing companies and they do not care and are cold-blooded in their services, Tanya on the other hand makes you feel special and works hard to meet all the client’s requirements and she is always promoting her company and the leadership team. As long as I am President, she is the only salesperson that I will work with and hire from. Thank you Tanya for being you.

Words cannot express the gratitude that is deserved to Talent Logic Inc. especially Ms. Tanya Thomas who assisted me. I am very very thankful for the agency as a whole. My new position is far more than what I was looking for and Ms. Thomas made the process very easy and accommodating. This was my first experience finding a new job via a recruiting agency but I pretty much did not have to do anything except for making sure I did my best in the interview. Ms. Thomas professionalism, politeness and sincerity in helping me was beyond what I could ever expect. I never would have found or gotten this position without the help of Talent Logic and Ms. Thomas. Once again, I Thank You very much for all your help and I would definitely recommend Talent Logic for any seeking employment.

Talent Logic did a great job navigating the hiring process for me! I was always in communication with them exactly when we needed it. I could not be happier with my new role and compensation! Thank you!

We really appreciate your assistance and it has been truly a joy and pleasure getting to know you and work with you on our critical to fill needs. All of our Dietitian positions are FILLED!

Virtual hugs and bells ringing right now!

I was a little skeptical at first, however working with Tyler Wells, from Talent Logic, changed my perspective on working with recruiters. I strongly recommend Tyler, he was very professional and was in constant communication, providing updates as soon as they came in

Usually, a lot of recruiters are client friendly. but talent Logic is candidate friendly. they are more focused and biased in the best interest of the candidate which makes them one of the best recruiters to work with. thanks Mary Palko for helping me out in my job search.

I could not be more happier with the Talent Logic agency. Abbey was awesome, very professional, answered all my questions and got me over to the new company very quickly. I have dealt with these companies in the past and it was not a good experience but Abbey was the best and anyone looking for a good position in the corporate world and does not use Talent Logic agency is just wasting their time. I hope I’m never looking for another job but if I am then I guarantee you Abbey with Talent Logic will be my first call.

Talent Logic is a very detailed and professional company that helped me land a dream job. I dealt with Staffing Manager Gavin Francis initially and he was nothing but professional and thorough. I then primarily worked with Staffing Director Mary Palko all the way through the hiring process. Her high energy, keen skill assessment, and natural ability to care for the needs of both the employer and job candidate had a lot to do with the excellent outcomes. I would have Mary go to bat for me any day! Kudos to the Talent Logic team.

Abbey with Talent Logic has been wonderful to work with! She listens to our needs to get our positions filled timely with the most qualified candidates. This has been such an easy process and would highly recommend to anyone looking for outside help in recruiting.

Usually, a lot of recruiters are client friendly. but talent Logic is candidate friendly. they are more focused and biased in the best interest of the candidate which makes them one of the best recruiters to work with. thanks Mary Palko for helping me out in my job search.

I just wanted to thank you all so much for the help in getting me the great position at Equinix. I am so lucky that you found this job and helped me get in, and I am very happy to have been hired permanently so fast – I did my best and it paid off. I love the job and the people there, and the work is exactly what I was looking for. This all worked out better than I could hope for, and I really appreciate your help in working with me. It was a pleasure to work with Talent Logic.

Excellent service, with prompt and detailed response. Very supportive, and good listeners. They let you talk about your problems/concerns, instead of cutting you off as though you were wasting their time. Personalized communication and advice. Great people to work with.

I would like to thank Tyler Welles and Jason Price for their excellent communication skills during the whole hiring and interviewing process. I found them both to be helpful. May you guys continue to keep up the good work.

The professional team at talent logic was a pleasure to work with. They have an expert to help you with each step of the process, including interview coaching, to a professional to guide you through the complex hiring process. The team is genuine and driven for excellence and it was a sincere pleasure to work with all of them!

Got a call on Thursday, had an interview on Friday morning a couple hours later had an offer to start work on Monday. Thanks Talent Logic.

Dave did a great job of inquiring of my interest at a potential job move without seeming pushy. Turns out that he and Talent Logic found an opportunity that I just couldn’t pass up and that suited the direction my family and my career needed to take. Much thanks to you!

Great to able to work through them had couple of calls with one of their representative call me about a job ask for my resume and experience of my previous jobs and couples days later had me set up with an interview by the following weeking placing me in a great company to work with.

Jamila Dennery at Talent Logic was very engaging and proactive when helping me get things established when I started. I certainly would rate her 5 stars for her tenacity and kindness.

The guys at Talent Logic were very helpful in lining up the interviews, prepping me for the questions and negotiating the final offer. I think I will be very happy in my new position.

Working with Talent Logic has been great.. My company use Talent Logic to place several position within my company. Jamila Dennery has been a great asset in helping us find the right applicant. Professional, cost effective, accurate with finding out what the company needs are. Jamilla, thanks for all your hard work and we really appreciate you, from the HR Department.

Tyler Wells and Frank Price were most outstanding! I can’t imagine the process going any better, and they helped me secure a fantastic position with a great company. You won’t go wrong working with this team – Thanks VERY much guys!

Talent Logic were fast, effective and very proactive during the entire hiring process. Their rate was competitive and their guarantee shows they stand behind their process. I would definitely partner with them again to find great people.

I had the opportunity to work with Tyler Wells, and I must say his professionalism and informative communication skills were very much appreciated. I have worked with employment agencies in the past, and this has been a great experience.

We had very good service with Ian Shaw for filling one of our hard to fill position in California. I have dealt with many agencies as a company recruiting and they rank high in my list.

Tyler Wells did a great job of explaining the position without pressuring you into taking the job. He wanted to make sure the position was a good fit for both you and the hiring organization

Very pleased with the candidates Chip Hamons of Talent Logic, Inc. has been providing. Their process is terrific and we’ve gained a strong working relationship. My go to for difficult finds.

Tyler Wells was very informative and very precise about the position available. The meant a lot to me on a personal level

Tyler Wells has been a pure joy to work with, the professional experience he brings to the table is invaluable, including interview tips, scheduling, follow up and staying in contact. He works hard on meeting my needs.

Tyler and Jace are both very nice, professional and easy to work with. They do their due diligence, and are very thorough with the details between both their clients and candidates. Tyler seems able to immediately build a very good rapport with people through his honesty, listening skills, and clarity. Both Jace and Tyler really seem to go to bat for their candidates. .I have worked with a few different staffing companies, recruiters and unfortunately, they don’t always have adequate knowledge of the positions or locations of their own clients and candidates. Their VP seemed like a lovely lady as well. But I would highly recommend Talent Logic to employers and job seekers. They are real professionals.

I am taking this opportunity to offer a recommendation for Shayla Easterling . During my last job search Shayla was instrumental in matching my skills with a dynamic company that precisely fit my needs. She was responsive and energetic, making sure that both her client and myself were a good match. I enjoyed working with her, and appreciated the effort she personally put in to place me. She is an honest and ethical Recruiter, and I would recommend her services to any employer looking to fill a need in their Company.

Fantastic experience working with Talent Logic team! Thanks to LJ Melonson and Joshua Hall for their guidance and support throughout the placement. I really enjoyed and was impressed by the interview pointers session with the CEO, Tayi Siva, before my final interview with the client ; first time this happened with all the staffing agencies I have been working with. Keep up the wonderful job!

I am very impressed and very pleased with my experience with Talent Logic Inc. My communication with every representative of this organization has been professional, incredibly helpful and supportive. I really appreciate Tyler Wells’ level of commitment and energies invested in representing me.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Barbara and Sonya are real professionals. Not only did Barbara give me all the help she could to get me the offer, once that happened, she and Sonya managed the many details leading up to my starting day. They don’t let anything slip through the cracks! I would truly enjoy working with them and the rest of the Talent Logic team in the future. Thanks for everything, Fred

Hilda, I want to thank you for all the hard work you and team has invested in getting me this opportunity and for sticking with me

I just got hired, Tyler Wells did a great job and keeping me up to date. Talent Logic is a great hard working company! I appreciate everything you all did! I’m proud to be a new employee!

It has been a great experience to return to my former employer on contract through Talent Logic. They even included 401K in their compensation so I would not miss out on putting that retirement away. The expectations were clear from the beginning.

Thank you for your input and support finding a perfect match job. I’m training for the new position and it appears to be working out just great! I appreciate all your input and coaching it all made a better impact in the end.

Thanks you all at TalentLogic Shayla, Clifton and all the rest of your team members.

I had a great experience with Talent Logic Inc. They called me, after finding my resume and immediately set up an interview with a major company. They set me up for an interview and I had an offer letter almost immediately. Thanks to Tyler Wells for working closely with me and the company and also thanks to Frank Price for his help in the process. The speed and professionalism that they showed is highly appreciated.

Tyler Wells with Talent Logic helped me find a Direct Hire engineering opportunity with a reputable firm in Tennessee in 7/2016. My experience with Talent Logic was so nice, smooth and professional. Thanks to Tyler and other employees with Talent Logic who provided the service. I personally was extremely satisfied with the experience and encourage others to use Talent Logic for their staffing needs. S.K.

Never imagine that I could trust and deal with one more employment placement agency until my recent experience with Talent Logic. Jennifer was very professional and clear on job description and expectations right from the get go. Contact communication with updates on the process like never experience before. The process once job was offered went very smooth. Thanks Talent Logic for the great opportunity to find a job that allow me to showcase my experience and background. You rock!!!!!

I had a great experience with talent logic, very professional , found a prefect Job match for me within a week working with Tyler Wells he had me on an interview Thanks for the help I would highly recommend this company

First week complete what a company lots to learn very structured and very professional nice place to work. I cannot thank you for finding me for this position it was a good call and a great placement . I think all your hard work and professional attitude went a long way to achieve this placement. Again it was a great match up almost custom made!! Thank you again for all your hard work from you and your coworkers as well I know this was a group effort

Thank you Talent Logic for the excellent work that you do. I most appreciate Jennifer Williams and her talent and care to provide excellent service for my new employment with United Excel Design in Saint Louis. I will highly recommend Jennifer to others in the future whenever a need arises, as her professionalism impressed me greatly. Thank you again.

Talent Logic has exceeded all my expectations. I am 100% satisfied with this company. I would definitely recommend to all. Not only did they place me in a dream job but the process was seamless. The entire staff was courteous and helpful throughout the entire hiring process. My family & I Thank You Talent Logic!

Talent Logic and Ian Shaw did a great job helping through a difficult placement. With Ian Shaw’s continued persistence we were ultimately successful.

I had a great time working at GSK . I am using this medium to express my appreciation to: Dustin Wallace – Thank you for your time , searching for a perfect candidate like me for the position. Jeremy Miller – For taking time to follow up with the Hiring Manager and negotiated for the best hourly rate for me , and giving me the opportunity to build on my pharmaceutical experiences. Thank you so much for this great opportunity.

I hope that my time as a CW at GSK hired been a great reflection on TL and their ability to place well qualified individuals to perform the job. Know that I appreciate all of your assistance & can honestly say that TL has been the best agency I have worked with. It means a lot to have the periodic checks. I started a testimonial on the TL website that I will ensure gets completed. Also, if there is a survey or other information that I can fill out, I will be more than happy to. Note this is not only because I got hired FT, but think TL is a great agency. Please continue to provide the excellent service. As always thank you for checking in on me.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you and be part of the wonderful journey to contribute to Coca-Cola through your contracting services. It was wonderful 3 years on the BPM Team under the leadership of Petra Burgstaller. I appreciate all that I have learnt and look forward to increasing my knowledge, understanding and wisdom as I journey onwards. I hope if our paths merge again that it will be a positive experience for each of us. As I embrace this next phase of my life, I hope you also will be successful in your future endeavors.

I was impressed by the quality of the candidates that were provided when we opened the requisition. Your Candidate is doing a great job. She has very quickly integrated herself into the team and made a substantial contribution. Our plan is to review her contract near the six month mark to determine next steps.

Very friendly, competent and helpful staffing team! Shane Grant- Kim Peyton and Angela Gregory.

I spoke with Jack Vora and cleared up any misunderstanding that I had on this assignment. I enjoyed this assignment and the professionalism of Talent Logic and look forward to new opportunities.

Shane Grant, Kim Peyton and Angela Gregory Great Teamwork, Great Experience and Great Advice. Thanks guys!

Thank you Barbara Bice for helping me to attain employment. I am very pleased with how well organized Talent Logic has been. Although, I have not met anyone from Talent Logic in person,I know that everyone is invested in my success.

Thank you very much. I really appreciate you screening out candidates who you don’t think are a good fit. Again, many thanks for your help.

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Talent Logic. I have worked with Talent Logic since March of this year. In that time, they have provided Microchip with numerous qualified candidates, many of which were invited for onsite interviews. We have made at least 2 offers to candidates sourced by Talent Logic and had a new employee start just last month! Employees are detail oriented and are excellent communicator’s. They stay in close contact with our onsite recruiters and hiring managers. I recommend Talent Logic with enthusiasm and consider them our “go to” agency. Tara M Allen Microchip Technology Inc.

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