With the job market going gung-ho with the emerging job seekers the time has come for majority of staffing firms or agencies to be bullish in the market.  The hiring levels are up with services such as finance, legal, oil and gas, education and IT and there exists the growing gap between the demand and supply. When it comes to employment these gaps should be filled up or addressed to by the staffing firms. With the U.S. economy recouping from recession and related job cuts, still there are after effects that has caused many people to disengage from the workforce after months or years of unemployment.

Majority of young people or students are not interested in pursuing their studies or in getting their college degree as they feel it would put them in debt and would be a sheer waste of time, when the people who are holding degrees are unable to get gainful employment even to this day. In addition, there is expected to be rising in Baby Boomers who would be retiring at the rate of about 10,000 ever day as per the Pew Research Center. The irony is that many vacancies do exist that need to be filled up due to the absence of qualified and educated prospective employees or contractors.

The staffing agencies in this scenario have the responsibility of helping organizations in filling up open positions with contractors or temporary staffing. People are also coming forward to work through staffing agencies, as they feel confident that their hard work of finding employment opportunities bears fruit and they are not dependent on the success or failure of a single entity. The staffing agencies or firms also provide protection and services in the form of helping the job seekers in finding employment opportunities on their behalf like any other real estate agency.

In this scenario, the staffing agencies can stay ahead in this market by following the below mentioned tips.

  1. Focus on the contractor experience in the form of giving workers a greater sense of control over their hard work, while serving as their agents to place them in the best opportunities.
  2. The staffing agencies should be customer centric on the placement side by building a community of candidates that embody those credentials.
  3. The staffing agencies should not ignore the importance of social media as they are helping in bringing transparency to the job search and in the recruiting process. In some cases, they have helped in leveling the playing field in the knowledge industry.

Thus, staffing agencies or firms has the important role to play in the job or employment market that would help both the job seekers as well as organizations.