How We Deliver Greatness: The Talent Logic, Inc. Delivery Process

Great Leadership Doesn’t “Just Happen” – It’s Intentionally Developed

At Talent Logic, Inc. we understand that great leadership isn’t something that just magically develops on its own. It’s not something you can leave to chance. It must be intentionally developed and fostered. Our unique delivery process ensures that we can connect you with the right executive leaders for your needs, as well as whatever tomorrow might bring.

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We understand how challenging it can be to identify the right leadership candidates. That’s why we developed our carefully-crafted process. Based on our in-depth experience, expertise, and cutting-edge technology, we deliver the results you need. Our process is based on several key steps:

  • We Get to Know Your Organization – The first step is simply learning about your organization, its culture, its challenges, and more. Without a firm understanding of these elements, it’s impossible to ensure the right fit with executives.

  • Develop an Overview of Skillsets and Experience – Leaders come in all shapes and from all backgrounds. However, that doesn’t mean that one is as good for your company as another. We take the time to develop an overview of the experience and skillsets required to lead successfully within your organization.

  • Define the Right Mindset – As mentioned, not all leaders are well-suited for all organizations, regardless of skill set or experience. It’s also about mindset and fit with your culture (or the ability to institute a new culture). We also ensure that we understand the mindset and cultural considerations inherent in your organization.

  • Establish Pay and Benefits – If you want to attract top-tier leaders, you must offer more than the challenge of helming the business. You also need an attractive compensation and benefits package. We help you determine the right package to appeal to the ideal C-suite leaders.

  • Screen and Assess Leaders – With a firm understanding of what’s required in a successful leader for your organization, we begin the process of screening and assessing potential candidates. Our extensive database of experienced, passionate leaders enhances the executive search process, expanding the pool of candidates dramatically.

  • Interview and Confirmation – Once we have identified promising candidates, we conduct in-depth interviews, verify references, speak with previous team members and stakeholders, and help you make an informed decision.